We are back!

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you so much for everything! You have given us a great summer.

It was now longer time a little quiet around us. That's because we're really working hard. Packing packages, organizing exhibitors and helping you with advices by e-mail or phone.

Our goal is to build the best bike bags in the world. For the best cyclists and their bikes. And that's a full-time job.

We spent the summer making your wishes reality. The back of the Market Buddy was stiffened and the shoulder straps got wider. We have developed a new briefcase twentyfour.1 for the carrier that is even easier to remove and therefore even more fun. And much more.

You have talked to us and given us great feedback, which we would like to present here in the near future.

We want to start with Christine:

On the picture you can see that our bags do not only fit perfectly on your bikes. The Vélosolex Wikipedia by Christine is an absolute classic among the mopeds and carries our Market Buddy in black. It was important to Christine to get a bag that fits her favourite. Plastic was not an option here and that's why she called us to check on the bags. We sent her the backpack to Berlin for testing and she didn't want to give it away anymore. The sexy vehicle on the picture is by the way her Vélosolex 3800 from 1987. If you want to read more about it, you can visit the Solex Club Berlin.

Thank you Christine for the wonderful photos and the great feedback!

We wish you a nice time, a good start into autumn and never forget: Suit up your Bike!